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Our story begins with our tupuna, Estella Reid. A native to American Samoa from the village of Faleniu, our founder was born in 1934. Estella eventually voyaged the crystal seas of the Pacific and came to the shores of Lāʻie, Oʻahu, Hawai’i in 1946 where our roots still grow. Estella sought new endeavors in which eventually led her to California in 1950. In 1965 NONOSINA music and dance company was born from humble Polynesian beginnings and will celebrate 50 years of heART in the year 2015! As our roots are steadfast and our trunk stands firm, our branches now grow. Nonosina was passed to Estella’s youngest daughter, Riki Liufau. Breaking barriers and taking the competition circuit by storm, Riki lead the group to new horizons. Riki’s eldest son, Mevina, was passed the torch & blessing in 1998 and lead the group after extensive training and research he had forgone in Tahiti. Mevina is a pioneer in innovating Tahitian music, dance and choreography. And yet, the branches still grow… Nonosina currently is led by Tiana Nonosina Liufau. Tiana has brought Tahitian dance to national television and brings a modern take on her art that stems from traditional school of thought. Nonosina has made a name, style and sound in the Polynesian realm both inside and outside of the Polynesian triangle that is very distinctive & innovative. Nonosina is a family-community & school of Polynesian dance that strives to always give respect to the motherland of this art that we love, Polynesia.